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People Hailed Cabs Here

Amanda Wellsh in “Chelsea Girl” by Sebastian Kim
Vogue Australia September 2014
Lara Stone by Angelo Pennetta
Vogue Netherlands September 2014
ICB A/W 2014 Ad Campaign
Vera Wang Fall 2014 Bridal Ad Campaign
Amanda Wellsh in “Chelsea Girl” by Sebastian Kim
Vogue Australia September 2014
Ophelie Guillermand by Diego Uchitel
Neiman Marcus "The Book" September 2014
Lara Stone in “Super Normal Super Models” by Mert and Marcus
W Magazine September 2014
Backstage: Sang Woo Kim, Neil Barrett SS 2015 Menswear

My mom is hysterically laughing because I asked, “Ok it’s 63 degrees outside, do you think I can wear my coat if I take off the fur collar and lining? It’ll be an anorak.”

What’s funny about this? 

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