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People Hailed Cabs Here

nevermined asked:
What was Nat like?

I replied:

So nice! He didn’t shake my hand to say hello, he jumped in for a hug! He then continued to ask me about myself and was a pretty regular guy. I’m pretty tall and wore 2.5/3 inch heels and he was still a lot taller than me. (Without heels I’m 5’10) Nat’s really chill and it was nice talking to him! xx

So nice meeting you two and congratulations Gia! #GiaWine @natandalex @mastergia
chentagl asked:
Is it possible to be inlove with a blog?

I replied:

Hahahaha I don’t know but thanks (if you’re talking about mine)! xx

Emma Champtaloup in “Cover Me” by Annemarieke Van Drimmelen
Vogue Netherlands September 2014
"Super Normal Super Models" by Mert and Marcus
W Magazine September 2014
Mango A/W 2014 Ad Campaign
Vera Wang A/W 2014 Bridal Ad Campaign
Right now we live in a world where if someone perceives you as “offensive”, they win.


Marina and the Diamonds - Primadonna

All I ever wanted was the world

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